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Cedar wood fencing is one of the most popular choices when constructing a fence on your residential property. Cedar has a beautiful, natural look that complements landscaping, and its long-lasting durability makes it a great investment for your property. If you’re looking to build a cedar wood fence for your Dallas home, let the cedar fence builders and contractors at That Fence and Shed Co. help you out.

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Key Benefits of Cedar Wood Fence

If you’re ready to install a cedar fence on your residential property in Dallas, you can trust the cedar fence builders at That Fence and Shed Co. to do a great job. Some of the types of cedar wood yard fences we build in Dallas and the surrounding areas include:

Side By Side Cedar Fence

This is a type of fence where the pickets (or boards) are placed side by side, with no gaps between them.

Board on Board Cedar Fence

In a board on board cedar fence, the pickets are installed side by side, with each picket overlapping the next by an inch or two, creating a shadowbox effect.

Cedar with Metal accents

A cedar fence with metal accents incorporates both natural wood elements and metal components such as caps, inserts, or brackets to create a unique and modern look.

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