Commercial Fencing Services in Dallas


If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you’re looking for a professional commercial fencing contractor for your Dallas area business. Here at That Fence and Shed Co., we pride ourselves on offering reliable, fast, and cost-effective fencing services for commercial properties. Whether you’re looking to add a layer of security to your office building or enhance the overall aesthetics of a commercial property in Dallas through wood, metal, vinyl or composite fences, you can rely on our experts to get the job done and with minimal impact to your business during the process. As a commercial fencing contractor serving those in Dallas and surrounding areas, we are all about quality work, on time and on budget.

Dallas Commercial Fence Service

The following are some of the types of fences we install and repair:

Dallas Cedar Fence Installation

Cedar fences

Dallas, TX Modern Horizontal Fencing

Modern horizontal

Dallas Ornamental Fencing Builders

Ornamental fences

Dallas Chain Link Fence Build

Chain link

Dallas Post and Rail Installation

Post and rail fences

Dallas Wrought Iron Fence Installation

Wrought iron fences

Dallas Picket Fence Installation

Picket fencing

Who We Serve

At That Fence and Shed Co., we offer a wide range of properties in and around the Dallas area commercial fencing, including office buildings, entertainment venues, educational institutions, retail spaces, hospitals, golf courses, public parks, warehouses, hotels, and more.

Why Choose That Fence and Shed Co.

We have the skills and knowledge necessary to complete commercial fencing projects to a high standard.

We provide our clients with peace of mind, knowing that the job will be done right and to a high standard.

Our commercial fencing crew in Dallas can complete fencing projects efficiently, on time and within budget.

Our specialists provide expert advice on design, materials, and construction methods, including wood, metal, vinyl and composite fences. This helps Dallas business owners make informed decisions about their fencing projects.

Trust That Fence and Shed Co. for All of Your Commercial Fencing Needs

If you’re looking for a trusted fencing contractor to help you with your fencing needs in your commercial property, look no further than That Fence and Shed Co.. Our team has what it takes to install a durable fence that meets your needs and budget.

Contact us for a free estimate and let us help bring your project to life. If you can dream it, we can build it!